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Shaping a More Inclusive Future with AI-Driven Multilingual Language Empowerment

Our assistant is trained with Inclusive Language Guidelines from APA, AP, AMA, MLA, BPS, UN, WHO, CII, WIPO, and the Council of Europe

We make Inclusivity easy

How It Works

Automated Bias Detection

Automated Bias Detection

Detect biases and non-inclusive language in your text with advanced AI algorithms, ensuring your content is respectful and inclusive for all audiences. It works for multiple languages.

Contextual Learning and Real-time Feedback

Contextual Learning and Real-time Feedback

Enhance your language sensitivity with real-time feedback and educational insights, fostering a deep understanding and commitment to inclusivity.

Inclusive Language Suggestions

Inclusive Language Suggestions

Get real-time suggestions for inclusive language in multiple languages, making your communication neutral and welcoming to everyone, regardless of background.

Use Cases

Marketing & Social Media

Marketing &
Social Media

Human Resources


Customer Service


Content Production


Cross-Cultural Comm


Why It Works

Enhances Brand Image

Build a more inclusive and respectful brand identity, attracting a diverse audience and demonstrating commitment to equity and respect in all communications.

Reduces Unintentional Bias

Identify and mitigate unintentional biases in your content, fostering a safer, more inclusive environment for users and employees.

Improves Global Reach

Adapt your language for global audiences, ensuring your message is clear and respectful across cultures, enhancing engagement and understanding.

Supports Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Align your communications with diversity and inclusion goals, reinforcing your organization’s commitment to creating a welcoming space for everyone.

Educates and Raises Awareness

Promote awareness and understanding of inclusive language, helping individuals learn and grow, and contributing to a more empathetic society.

Empowers Content Creators

Enable creators to craft content that resonates with a wide audience, ensuring messages are inclusive, engaging, and respectful to all viewers.


Make Every Word Count

In a world where language shapes realities, ensuring your words foster inclusivity and respect has never been more crucial. Our Ai-based tool helps ensure your multilingual communication is inclusive and respectful, reaching audiences with the care they deserve. Take the first step towards meaningful change — explore how we can enhance your content’s impact.